Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Engagment ring..

I met this great couple in Aspen, who were vacationing from Santa Fe. She is a potter and has this ethereal beauty about her and a sweetness. We had an instant connection! She was wearing an engagement ring that her husband had commissioned for her many years ago, and she said it had just never felt like her style. When she saw my Cognac Diamond "Harlequin Solitaire" Ring (shown above), she fell in love, so we decided to put her engagement ring's diamond (which is little bigger than the Cognac), in my setting. Her husband then picked out 2 of my "Harlequin Sparkle Circle" Rings to stack on each side. I Photoshopped a couple of pictures, to get an idea of what her rings will look like; they are all Platinum and 22kt gold, which is going to be beautiful. She is very excited to get her new engagement ring, and I'm excited to make it for her!

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