Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Accent Advisor: Mix it up!

18k Pink/White/Yellow Gold Bangles with Diamond Accents by Pamela Froman
as seen in London Jewelers', Carl Greve's, and Lux Bond & Green's Accent Magazine

The Fall/Winter issues of Accent Magazine just came out, and their special Accent Advisor section features unique mixed-color gold bangles by Pamela Froman! Accent Advisor is sort of like a "Dear Abby" column for fine jewelry lovers. In this issue, the Advisor answers the question, "Can I combine and wear different colored gold tones at one time?"
Answer: Definitely. Over the past few seasons, we have seen more and more high karat yellow gold as well as rose gold, which both look refreshingly sophisticated. If you haven't yet added one or both of these colors to your white gold jewelry wardrobe, it's time to mix it up! Wear pendants in all three tones or wear a large medallion in rose gold on a white or yellow statement link chain. Bangles in varying sizes and shapes look great when piled on in two or three tones with diamond accents, as do stackable rings. Wear a bold retro link chain in yellow gold next to your white or pink gold watch. In jewelry right now, mixing things up is the rule - not the exception. So have fun and personalize your own unique style.

chose a stack of assorted Pamela Froman "Crushed Bangles" to illustrate their point. The Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry Collection also includes tri-color pendants/necklaces, stack rings, statement rings, earrings and bracelets. Here is a taste of her "Crushed Melange" Collection:

If you're not quite ready to wear three colors together, have no fear: Pamela's brand new "Ombre Crush" Collection combines 18k Pink & Yellow Gold, which allows you to gradually mix a little pink into your yellow gold jewelry wardrobe. Here are a few pieces from this beautiful new collection:
Accent, the magazine of luxury living, is a special magazine published by members of the Luxury Jewelers Resource Group: Bachendorf's - Dallas, TX; Bruce G. Weber - Tulsa, OK; Carl Greve Jewelers - Portland, OR; Diamond Cellar - Columbus, OH; Donoho's - Houston, TX; Fink's Jewelers - Roanoke, VA; Hamilton Jewelers - New Jersey and Florida; Hyde Park Jewelers - Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas; Lee Michaels Jewelers - Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi; London Jewelers - Long Island, NY; Lux Bond & Green - Connecticut and Massachusetts; Mann’s Jewelers - Rochester, NY; Tapper’s Diamonds and Jewelry - West Bloomfield, MI; Tivol Jewelers - Kansas City, MO
Each issue is tailored for the individual retailer, with special sections like Accent Advisor appearing in every issue. Not all of these stores carry Pamela Froman but, if you ask your fine jewelry retailer to contact us, Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry may soon be available in your favorite jewelry store!

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