Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tucson Trip 2009, Part II: The Social Scene

Larry Chasin, Marlene Richey, Cindy Edelstein, and Mark Schneider at the CDG Dinner

This year, our Tucson trip wasn't all about shopping for stones. Not only was Pamela going to be presented with an award (more about that in a minute), but a lot of our jewelry industry friends were in town and we took the opportunity to spend some time with them! Our first night in Tucson, we attended the CDG (Contemporary Design Group) Dinner at the historic Hotel Congress, where we mingled with new and old friends alike: Cindy Edelstein (of the Jeweler's Resource Bureau), Larry Chasin (of Jewelry Designer Finder), Marlene Richey, Alishan and his lovely wife Lydia, Aaron Henry and his father Conrad, Howard Hauben of Centurion, Paula Crevoshay and her husband Martin Bell... The next night, Cindy organized a cozy dinner at El Charro (a local favorite) with a different group of designers and industry professionals: Vicente Agor and Michael Pfeffer, Daniel Toledo and his wife... We all had a great time breaking the ice by telling our "Worst Jewelry Story"!

Lydia & Pamela at the CDG Dinner

Larry Chasin, Cindy Edelstein and Marlene Richey at the CDG Dinner

Vicente Agor, Cindy Edelstein and Michael Pfeffer, clowning around at El Charro

Fun night, lots of laughs!!

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