Friday, June 26, 2009

Pamela Froman wins JAWA Award for "Get Crushed" Campaign!

InDesign Magazine recently published the results of their second annual Jewelry & Watch Advertising Awards competition (also affectionately known as "the JAWAs") and we were excited to see Pamela Froman's "Get Crushed" campaign took 2nd place in the Manufacturer/Designer Procuct-Only Magazine Ad category!

Here's what a couple of the judges had to say about our "Get Crushed" campaign...

David Marks, co-founder of The Collaboration, a full-service marketing agency in Kansas City:
"'Crushed' is a much easier word to remember than the 'hand-hammered technique' Pamela Froman uses. Froman makes a convincing case that the line includes something for everyone with multiple examples of her pieces in each ad. And the play on words about having a crush stays cute, not hokey."

Mark Mazzarese, president of Mazzarese Fine Jewelry in Kansas City, KS:
"Nontraditional backdrops give the feeling of workmanship. Excellent product detail represented in the photography. Clever tag lines."

They also included a quote from me (Jilienne Hart, Marketing Director of Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry) about the "Real-Life Success" of this campaign:
"The first ad was done in partnership with a retailer, who reported that the Cleopatra Sparkle Ring was sold as soon as the ad appeared. The second ad appeared in Inside Weddings, and we immediately began receiving calls from women asking where they could purchase Pamela Froman's unique ring designs."

We love the campaign, and we're so happy to know that the industry pros who judged this competition love it to! We would like to thank all the judges of the JAWAs and, of course, big Thank Yous go out to our photographer, Jay Lawrence Goldman, and our ad agency, Dreamentia!

About the JAWA Awards:
(Transcribed from InDesign Magazine's May/June issue)
"Nearly 160 companies submitted more than 350 ads for consideration by our exceptional panel of judges, which includes the president of marketing for NBC Entertainment, three award-winning owners/directors of national marketing firms, an industry association director, and the president of a prestigious retail operation.
Judges were split into two groups of three, and none were allowed to vote on an ad in which they had a vested interest. They were asked to score each ad on five different criteria dealing with quality of production/graphics/photography, creativity, innovation, and emotional impact. Each criterion was graded on a scale of 1 to 10, which meant a minimum score of 5 and maximum of 50 for each ad, per judge. For any given criterion, a "1" meant the judge felt the ad was average in that quality, while a "10" indicated that the ad was extraordinary and beyond all expectations. A perfect score for an ad would have been 150.
You can view all of the wining ads, with full audio/video for the TV and radio winners, at"

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