Saturday, September 12, 2009

We had a great Trunk Show at Dolce Jewels in Telluride!

Beau Staley (owner of Dolce,) "Kevin Box" Origami Horse Sculptures, and a cutie dog name Blue.

Window displays at "Dolce Jewels"

"Dolce Jewels" sign and view out the door of the store.

Cool buildings and amazing views on our walk to the store everyday!

Jilienne on our first day walking to the store, with the outrageous mountain views!

More great views walking to the store!

Coming into town, and then our last night out with Susan, Stacey and their friend.

Telluride Film Festival was going on, they set up a buffet in front of the store for the film people.

Display cases, and me with a "Kevin Box" blue horse sculpture.

More jewelry displays!!

Big Secret here, Jil and I went and had a fried oreo sundae from this shop "The Sweet Life"

Jilienne and I on a hike, okay, not a real hike... and cool colorful houses!

Hi Everyone,

We got back from Telluride last week, we had a great trunk show at Dolce Jewels, and a fun time! It is so beautiful there: the mountains are just gorgeous, and the views look like paintings. The people are so nice and down to earth. And Beau, the owner of the store, and Susan, his main salesperson, were both so wonderful to work with! The Telluride Film Festival was going on at the same time, so we got to hear a lot of opinions about the different films in the festival. (We almost got to see the film "Coco before Chanel" at the outside theater in the park, but we got rained out.) I did have a little problem with the altitude sickness, because Telluride is about 8500 feet above sea level; I had problems when I was in Aspen, and this was even higher. I had to drink tons of water, and by the last day I was feeling almost normal! We got to meet a lot of interesting new clients and I love getting to meet collectors in person, because I am usually in my studio, and that interaction is great! I hope to go back again in the winter time... I will let you know when that will be!

Cheers and Crushes,

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