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Precious Stones+Colored Metals=the Unique Style of Jewelry Designer Pamela Froman
Designer Pamela Froman; Signature Multi-Colored Hoops w/Stones(available in 3 sizes)
Who “crushes” (a technique all her own) precious metals in rich colorations and makes exquisite fine jewelry that is unique, rich in quality and very hip, in a non-traditional kind of way?! The answer is fine jewelry designer Pamela Froman, native New Yorker, current Californian, who recently brought her bag of jewels to Cotton Club Collection from her studio in Santa Monica. Pamela, a regular visitor to Cotton Club, arrives there once each season, usually around Mother’s Day and in Fall for the Holidays, has a devoted following here that purchase regularly from the inventory that Lisa Spain carries in her boutique. However, they love to visit with Pamela and to purchase from her expanded collection that features handmade pieces most memorable for her use of multi-colored precious metals and exquisite, rare natural stones.
Pamela, a graduate of F.I.T., began her career in Paris, where she designed jewelry for many of the top couturiers including Courreges, Valentino and others. In 2006, she decided to branch out on her own and began by making her signature a reflection of her love for “irregular surfaces.” The designer explained, “So much of my collection is textured with a special hand-hammering technique I call ‘Crushed.’ Done in a variety of the highest quality colored metals (22K, platinum and 18K) with precious stones and you have a look like no others that I have seen. Pamela believes that “individuality is the underlying theme of beauty” and that she delivers. As all pieces are handmade in L.A., no two pieces are exactly alike. For creating this technique she has won many awards in the industry, the respect and attention of all the fashion magazines and is a celebrity favorite. You will see her popular hoops photoed on the likes of Halle Berry, as well as other celebs such as Diane Lane, Debra Messing, Eva Mendes, Tyra Banks and Rachel Ray that are regular followers that have shown that they have a “crush” on Pamela Froman’s unique styles as will you when you see them.
The following are a sampling of the many styles Pamela has to offer at Cotton Club….
Majestic Crush Earrings; Arabesque Leather Wrap Bracelet; Arabesque Peach Moon Stone Earrings
Scroll Cap Green Onyx Ear; Royal Cap Carnelian Ear; Mini-Cross Turquoise
Crushed Metal Stack Rings, Multi w/Diamond; Yellow Diamond Square Studs; Medusa Ring, Ombred Metal
Cleopatra Ombre Metal Ring; Empress Ring, Green Onyx; Arabesque Cuff Bracelet
To see more of Pamela’s fabulous styles.

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